Startup Safary Paris

How it works

Find interesting sessions in the program
Create your own schedule
Explore the city with personal schedule
Visit offices, participate in sessions, meet startups!




How to choose a ticket

At Startup Safary, tickets are intent based. You should choose a ticket according to what you’re looking for instead of who you are. For example, if you work at a corporation, but you’re coming to the event, because you want to get involved with a startup – choose “Corporate”. If you’re an Entrepreneur, but you’re coming because you want to invest, choose – “Investor”.

All tickets have a 100% refund guarantee until a day before the event.

No questions asked.

Choose your ticket

Attendee: Just curious; Looking for jobs; and Others

Choose this ticket if you are attending the event simply to learn more about startups or to find a job with one. With this ticket you won’t be able to attend some sessions, e.g. at investor or accelerator offices.

Startup: I work in or for a startup

Choose this ticket if you are a founder, work in a startup or provide services to startups and you’re attending the event to meet potential partners, clients, investors, media or employees. We will try to match you with potential partners. You will have access to sessions at VCs and accelerators.

Investor: I want to invest in startups

Choose this ticket type if you want to invest in startups and/or meet other investors, and we’ll ensure you meet the most relevant people. You will also be invited to the investor dinner.

Corporate: I represent a large company or a public entity

Choose this ticket type if you work for a corporation or government. Our team will assist you during the event and will help you meet relevant people and startups that align with the purpose of your visit.

Media: I want to cover the event or participating companies

If you’re a member of the press, a startup blogger, or someone who’d like to cover a Safary edition, please get in touch with us at


Reasons for volunteering

Your involvement and assistance as a volunteer will help Startup Safary Paris become a huge success!

At the same time you will meet and mingle with the founders and team members of various start-ups, be able to attend events and sessions (that might otherwise be sold out), and work together with an amazing group of volunteers and Startup Safary members.